A Place Called Hope

Published on Nov 23, 2015
A Place Called Hope Rehabilitated and Released this juvenile Bald Eagle in November of 2015. She spent 9 days in rehab recovering from secondary poisoning. On the morning of the release she weighed a heathy 10lbs. As you can see from the video she was more then ready to go!

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A Place Called Hope is a Rehabilitation and Education Center for Birds of Prey. Our goal is to heal injured, orphaned, or ill birds and return them to the wild where they belong. Federal permits allow us to house and work with the birds that can not be returned to their natural world provided we share them through educational presentations. These particular birds have become ambassadors and have helped us to educate the public. They also teach all of us how to co-exist more peacefully with the wildlife in our very own backyards.

A Place Called Hope is a 501 c 3 non profit organization run entirely by volunteers along with donations of time, supplies and money from our supporters. If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please send us an email. If you would like to make a financial contribution please use our donations tab. Thank you for your continued support. A little goes a long way.

One of our goals at A Place Called Hope, Inc. is to teach the public how to protect and respect wildlife, in particular Raptors. We are encouraged by peoples reactions to our programs and their own personal stories about the Birds of Prey they have encountered. We are thrilled to share these birds with so many people who truly care and want to learn more. Although, our biggest thrills, are experienced whenever we have the opportunity to release a wild bird back into its own environment after a brief stay at our facility! There is no comparison to giving a wild bird or animal the gift of "Freedom."

"Preserve wildlife for the future"


Todd Secki and Christine Cummings-Secki