Arvy’s Rescue and Journey to Florida

Arvy’s Rescue and Journey to Florida

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January 27th 2021

This Brown Pelican must’ve been blown off course and was very weak and hypothermic upon admission. CT State Conservation Police managed to rescue him and bring him out for assistance.

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January 29th 2021

The Brown Pelican is progressing! And arrangements are in motion. Looks like we will be getting this bird down to Florida. The Busch Wildlife Center in Jupiter is our destination!! They are excited to help us out. We have Ned Hurle and Marty Purty, both ex APCH volunteers who had moved to Florida, excited to volunteer again by picking this bird up at the airport upon his arrival and taking him directly to Busch. We are in communication with pilots to get this bird on a plane. The BP is eating on his own but we are still topping him off with assisted feedings. Lookin’ good gang!!

January 30th 2021

The Brown Pelican is set on transport and a destination!
This lost young pelican washed up and nearly froze in Essex on Wednesday, January 27th. This most unusual visitor was spotted by a member of the CT Audubon Society who reached out to CT State Conservation Officers for help and rescue. The Pelican was transported to A Place Called Hope lethargic and suffering from hypothermia. The bird could not even lift its own head yet alone stand or thermo-regulate. This bird had most likely stowed away on a boat from down South and found itself in a very cold and lonely environment. After a slow process of re-warming this pelican, along with a warm fluid push, he/she started to re-awaken and bounce back. The care this bird requires is around the clock but with each passing day, the outcome proves promising! We found some wing bruising but the bird is in overall good shape weight wise. It is a juvenile so very hardy and determined. Since we do not normally see this species in our State, this bird has generated many calls, emails, messages and interest. While each and every bird we manage is top priority to us at APCH, we must admit, this one is most unusual for our team. Since the pelican is not a typical visitor to Connecticut, frostbite has become a concern since we have seen a few spots which may be frostbite lesions. As directed by DVM Erica Miller, the pelican is on special medication to increase blood circulation and for any of you who know us, we administer cold laser therapy routinely so any areas of concern have already downgraded to superficial. Frost bite is sneaky and each hour things can change, so we are monitoring closely for areas to treat. Lucky for this bird, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, Florida is excited to assist us in our urgent situation. The Hospital Director, Stephanie Franczak has enthusiastically offered to meet up with our ex-volunteers Marty Purdy and Ned Hurle, who now reside in Florida for intake admission even if it ends up being after hours. A wonderful Mother/Daughter Pilot team by the names of Arianna and Laurie Strand, are flying this bird out on an RV12 Plane from the Meriden Markham Municipal Airport either Wednesday or Thursday of this coming week. We are thrilled to have this plan in place and are so appreciative of all the offers to drive the bird South as well as the five other pilots who expressed an interest! How lucky “Arvy” is to have so many people who care! (Named by Arianna and Laurie to recognize the aircraft.) We are humbled by the outpouring in care and concern for this wayward pelican and the work we do at APCH. A very special thanks to John Ogren, Laurie Silvia and Vickie Silvia who have been collecting and supplying the many live fish to get Arvy stimulated to eat from the tub in his enclosure. Enjoy the video of the Brown Pelican having a go at breakfast.

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January 29th 2021

Laurie Strand and Arianna Strand, Mother/Daughter Duo will be flying out of Meriden Markham Municipal Airport this week in-between weather episodes with our precious cargo Pelican Arvy in tote! A great big SHOUT OUT to these brave women as they prepare for this long journey for such an important cause. The City of Meriden must be proud to have Spirit of Meriden Flight Club members involved in such a unique and inspiring rescue and transport mission. The RV12 plane was constructed by Wilcox Tech High School students. Seen in this photo are both Laurie and Arianna. This small plane will need to stop a few times to re-fuel and we are working on plans to have willing and experienced wildlife rehabilitators local to each fueling town on standby should there be any delay or reason the craft can not continue in a timely manner ie weather issues. This way there will be assisted feedings for Arvy along the way. This Pelican has so many people wanting to help!! We are thrilled and hoping to raise direct donations for fuel for this long journey ahead. Thank you in advance. Godspeed!!

February 4th 2021

…and I’m leavin’ on a jet plane… Arvy soon to be in the air!! Look out Jupiter! This Peli is coming home.
Arianna (daughter) Laurie (Mother) Strand in the RV12 about to leave Meriden with the Brown Pelican named Arvy after the plane. Thank you ladies for your expertise in flying and helping to get this “peli” home. Thank you Spirit of Meriden Flight Club and the Meriden Markham Municipal Airport for your participation. Godspeed

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February 4th 2021

After hours care at the Franczak Inn. Arvy is spending the night with the Hospital Director of the Busch Nature Center Stephanie Franczak. He is set up in her bathtub so he has room to stretch and flap those wings!! She will continue with his critical care and feels very positive about his prognosis!! Time for this Rehabber to go to bed. No alarms tonight and please Universe, no calls tonight! Update tomorrow. Goodnight and thank Goddess all are safe and secure… thank you Arianna, Laurie, Arvy, Ned, Marty and Stephanie.

February 5th 2021

The Peli Arvy in the clinic at the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. Prognosis is good! Stephanie Franczak who is the Hospital Director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, Fla. is keeping me updated and has assured me that this bird is feisty and doing well. He is receiving supplemental food to boost him nutritionally, special medications to clear up his respiratory system and cold laser therapy to continue to treat the areas of concern on his feet. He has an experienced team to take over from here and all of us at APCH are so relieved he is where he needs to be. Thank you all for your concern and care for this unique visitor to our State of Connecticut.

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February 10th 2021

Update shared from:  Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Arvy the Brown Pelican is settling in nicely at our wildlife hospital. While he is happily taking his treatments for his upper respiratory infection, it is still too soon to determine the extent of frostbite damage to his feet. We know that we will need to perform reconstructive surgery to preserve the best quality of life for him that we can. It is still uncertain as to whether he will be able to return to the wild given his physical impairment. One thing we do know for sure is that his strong will and personality shine through all the adversity that Arvy has seen!