A Day in the Life

Rescue - Rehabilitate - Release: Our Stories of Survival

Great Horned Owlet Re-Nesting

A Live Birds Eye View.Journey through our re-nesting taken place onTuesday April 14, 2020. We reunited two babies and their parents in a secure nest. 6:05pm 6:18pm 6:57pm 7:59pm

Baby Screech Owl Goes Home!

Here is a view of the eastern screech owl baby in his new nesting box home! All went well and baby is back up where baby belongs. Mom was there!…

Barred Owl Rescue from a Chimney

Please help us in acknowledging one of our very own “Flock” members Vickie Silvia. Her willingness to answer to our wildlife in distress is exceptional. She is always on the…

Bald Eagle Goes Home!

February 11th, 2020She is HOME! Today the Eagle who was struck by the truck on I95 three weeks ago tomorrow, returned to her territorial range. As the eagle flies, she…