Adopt a Bird

Sponsor your favorite resident at A PLACE CALLED HOPE, INC.

With a $100 donation, sponsors will receive a Certificate of Adoption with sponsors name, a Photograph of bird chosen, the Bird’s personal story of survival and some general information about the Bird’s particular species.

What a great way to support a great cause!

Donations are tax deductible and help us to care for the many Birds at our Facility. Since we are an all Volunteer based organization, your donation goes directly to our Birds medical care, cost of feeding, and housing. We appreciate your support.

Available Adoptions

  • American Kestrel: MkHai
    Male, 2012 hatch year. Fell from nest and was discovered to have a birth defect to his left leg and foot.
  • Bald Eagle: Enapai
    Female, 2015 hatch year. Damaged right wing occurred while learning to hunt the Mississippi River in Iowa.
  • Barn Owl: Banshee
    Female, admitted as an adult in 2010 after a collision with a motorcycle left her blind in her right eye.
  • Barred Owl: Chakra
    Adult originally struck by a vehicle in 2007 resulting in the loss of her left eye and she is deaf in her left ear.
  • Barred Owl: Zen
    Male, 2009 hatch year. Raised and imprinted on humans instead of his own kind.
  • Black Vulture: Onyx
    Adult Female admitted in 2007 after a wing injury from a vehicle collision.
  • Eastern Screech Owl: Kokopelli
    Male, admitted as an adult in 2011 after suffering from a window collision resulting in a wing injury.
  • Great Horned Owl: Chestnut
    Male adult admitted in 2005 after having suffered from a wing and eye injury from a vehicle collision.
  • Hybrid (Red Shouldered/Red Tailed Cross): Mahk Jchi
    Cross between a Red Tailed and Red Shouldered Hawk admitted after being shot with a BB Gun in 2012 as an adult.
  • Northern Saw Whet Owl: Lunar
    Male, 2007 hatch year. Visual limitations due to a vehicle collision.
  • Peregrine Falcon: Zeppelin
    Male, 2019 hatch Year. Partial wing due to a razor wire entanglement.
  • Raven: Loki
    Female, hatch year 2002. Imprinted when raised by humans instead of her own kind.
  • Red Shouldered Hawk: Dine  
    Female, 2018 hatch year. Fledgling admitted after a vehicle collision resulting in a damaged wing.
  • Red Tailed Hawk: Cheyenne
    Admitted as an adult Female in 2006 with a wing injury from a vehicle collision.
  • Turkey Vulture: Crystal
    Female, 2019 hatch Year. Beak deformity that affects her ability to eat with ease.