Adopt a Bird

Sponsor your favorite resident at A Place Called Hope

With a $100 donation, sponsors will receive a Certificate of Adoption with sponsors name that includes a Photograph of bird chosen, a bit on the Bird’s personal story of survival and some general information about the Bird’s particular species.

What a great way to support a great cause!

Available Adoptions

  • American Kestrel: MkHai
    Male, 2012 hatch year. Fell from nest and was discovered to have a birth defect to his left leg and foot.
  • Bald Eagle: Enapai
    Female, 2015 hatch year. Damaged right wing occurred while learning to hunt the Mississippi River in Iowa.
  • Barn Owl: Hobgoblin
    Male. 2009 acquired. HBC non union fracture. Texas State Aquarium.
  • Barred Owl: Chakra
    Adult originally struck by a vehicle in 2007 resulting in the loss of her left eye and she is deaf in her left ear.
  • Barred Owl: Zen
    Male, 2009 hatch year. Raised and imprinted on humans instead of his own kind.
  • Black Vulture: Onyx
    Adult Female admitted in 2007 after a wing injury from a vehicle collision.
  • Eastern Screech Owl: Kokopelli
    Male, admitted as an adult in 2011 after suffering from a window collision resulting in a wing injury.
  • Great Horned Owl: Amber
    Female admitted in 2017 after having been abducted as a 3 week old baby and kept in a box for 9 weeks. Habituated and approaches people for food.
  • Hybrid (Red Shouldered/Red Tailed Cross): Mahk Jchi
    Cross between a Red Tailed and Red Shouldered Hawk admitted after being shot with a BB Gun in 2012 as an adult.
  • Northern Saw Whet Owl: Orion
    Male, 2007 hatch year. Visual limitations due to a vehicle collision.
  • Peregrine Falcon: Zeppelin
    Female, 2019 hatch Year. Partial wing due to a razor wire entanglement.
  • Raven: Loki
    Female, hatch year 2002. Imprinted when raised by humans instead of her own kind.
  • Red Shouldered Hawk: Dine  
    Male, 2018 hatch year. Fledgling admitted after a vehicle collision resulting in a damaged wing.
  • Red Tailed Hawk: Cheyenne
    Admitted as an adult Female in 2006 with a wing injury from a vehicle collision.
  • Turkey Vulture: Crystal
    Female, 2019 hatch Year. Beak deformity that affects her ability to eat with ease.