First Responder & Transporters


Another way to help our mission is to volunteer to transport already contained birds in distress from one place to another. This is a time saver that is critical to our efforts in answering to the many distress calls we receive.

For those of you who want to get down and dirty, APCH offers a Rescue/Transport Seminar that introduces individuals how to properly and safely rescue injured, orphaned or sick dangerous birds and how to secure them for a safe transport to a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, Veterinary Hospital or center. This class is the first step to truly understanding the steps involved in safely containing and transporting dangerous birds. It is not a hands on experience so therefore only an understanding to the methods used.

Volunteering at a center after this course is mandatory to the process of physically handling such dangerous crisis’. Please do not attempt a wild rescue without proper knowledge and training for your own safety as well as the safety of the animal involved. Please call on local Animal Control Officers, Environmental/Conservation Officers, Wildlife Rehabilitators, and experienced and properly trained individuals to assist. Learn before doing.

APCH offers an introductory class one time per year. Stay tuned for dates and registration information.

Please email if you would like to offer your driving time for already contained birds who require transport.