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    ideally between 12 and 6pm
  • SATURDAYS between 12 and 6pm

Days and Times outside of this schedule may be considered under certain circumstances.


Due to the current health concerns with HPAI, our presentations are only being offered for outdoor venues. We value the health of our audiences, our birds, and ourselves, therefore, until further notice we must practice safety protocols which will limit our programming options.

A special SUMMER NOTE: When temperatures reach above 80, we must consider the health of our birds, so tours, events, and programs must be able to be adjusted to keep our birds safe. We appreciate your understanding.

Your Tax Deductible Donation for programming is money directly used to provide the high quality care we offer our birds. Thank you for your support. Our birds appreciate it too.

Audience Size Limited due to parking
$200 2 Birds, $300 3 Birds, $400 4 Birds – Donation

Arrange your own personal program with your friends and family! Come out to our Center and be seated in our courtyard to become an intimate audience to your own private program! Ambassador Birds will come out of the aviaries to share their stories of survival and their beauty with each of you personally. If you haven’t had enough of these birds after the program, for an additional $60 fee, walk through on a tour to meet and see the many birds in our care. Weather must be cooperative since this is an outdoor experience.

Virtual Program – Online $125 – Donation

This program can be 1/2 hour with 2 ambassador birds. Participants get to meet 2 birds to learn about each species and ways to lessen the conflicts they may encounter in our environment.

Standard – Live Birds of Prey $400 – Donation

This program includes four birds and lasts one full hour.  Audiences get to meet two day time hunters and two night time hunters.  Learn each birds story of survival and ways to lessen conflicts with the wildlife in your very own backyard.

THREE BIRD PROGRAM $300 – Donation

This program includes one hawk, one falcon, and one owl and lasts one hour. Audiences get to learn about three species of birds of prey along with each birds personal story of survival and the many simple ways to lessen conflicts with the wildlife that lives in your very own backyard.

All Owls $300 – Donation

This one hour program includes three different Owl species found in CT.  Meet each Nocturnal species and learn about special adaptations that help these creatures of the night survive in the wild.  Understand how Owls take advantage of their unique hunting styles and special characteristics
designed specifically for these night time hunters.

EAGLE PLUS - PRESENTATION $500 - Donation (Temporarily Unavailable due to Handler Injury)

Eagle Presentation includes one Bald Eagle, and two other species of Birds of Prey. The eagle is out at the end of the program. $500 fee for this Presentation.

Enapai is still learning, so this program is not suitable for all venues/environments. Please ask if this program is right for you.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

  • $300 – 3 bird, $400- 4 bird = per one hour program
  • We no longer offer programs back to back for the best interest of the birds
  • Gas fee of $30 for over one hours drive from Center.
  • 1/2 hour 2 small bird program $200 within a 30 minute drive from Center.
  • Over 30 minute drive we can only offer a one hour program.

APCH offers live 1 – 2 Bird Encounters onsite for up to 4 people in a group. This is an intimate opportunity to be close, to study each birds details, to ask questions, to take photos, to just enjoy the company of an amazing Ambassador. Meet 1 species for $100 for 30 minutes or 2 species for $200 for 30 minutes. Add $60 for a tour to follow.  Birds are held by trained handlers, not the public. Email to discuss dates, times and birds available for these sessions. Please note the eagles are not available for these sessions at this time.

Avian Enrichment Projects – Great idea for Scouts of all Levels!

Please contact us if you know of a Scout in need of a unique project that may be created off site to be installed on site.  We are looking for folks to tackle specific Perch projects to create a better captive environment for our resident Raptors.  Tire Perches, Bow Perches, Wrapped Perches (sisal, hemp, cocoa,) Swinging Perches, Block Perches, etc.  We are also looking for toys that are safe and inspiring.


Live Birds of Prey can enhance many life milestone moments. We can bring a special guest to a quiet venue and adjust to each environment and theme. Please don’t forget that Weddings, Funerals, Hospice Visits, 8 and Up Birthday celebrations, are acceptable occasions to have a Bird of Prey in your presence. If you aren’t sure, just ASK! Sharing these birds and their sacred lessons is part of our mission… We are happy to try to make your memories full of feathers…

One Of These Birds is Not Like the Other $300 Donation

This one hour program compares the different body types and hunting styles of  different bird species.  Examples include the Peregrine Falcon, the American Kestrel, the Owl, the Hawk, the Vulture, and the Parrot. Three birds are shared during this one hour presentation.

Owls and Pellets $300 Donation

Meet two Owls and dissect Owl Pellets to learn about the varied diets of Owls in this one hour interactive class. (class size limited)


Meet two different falcon species and learn about flight styles. This program has a Paper Airplane Build project after the birds. (class size limited)

Raptiles $300 Donation

Meet two Birds of Prey and two Reptiles in a combined presentation between APCH and Ranger Russ of Meigs Point Nature Center.

Storytime $200 Donation

Meet two smaller Birds (example Eastern Screech Owl and the American Kestrel) and listen to a bird related story read aloud by presenter. This program is specifically designed for the younger audience and typically lasts 30 minutes. $200.00 within a 30 minute drive from Center.

Barn Owl at your Birthday Party, APCH

BIRTHDAY PARTY (recommended for children 8 and up)
$300 – 3 bird  or $400 – 4 bird – Donation

Celebrate a Birthday with an hour educational presentation of your choice!   A fun learning encounter for all ages. This program is only offered within a 30 minute drive from Center. But don’t forget, a small party can come to the Center for a Courtyard Presentation and then meet up at Parmalee Farm or Chatfield Hollow, local parks to have the rest of the party and celebrate with cake!


This Presentation style is different. We bring along two species of Birds of Prey and share them at the same time. This is not a presentation where an audience must sit and listen for the entire time. This style offers an opportunity for an audience to approach and listen and ask questions during this informal back and forth. We stand behind a table/booth and share each bird with whomever comes forward. Great option for large events, weddings, parties, etc. where other things are happening simultaneously.