Wildlife Rehabilitation is very important for all wildlife species. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the Rehabilitators who devotedly work endless hours to cure, mend and heal so many of our worlds wildlife. This is a full time labor of love and each and every one of you make an incredible difference! Keep up the good work!

Wildlife Rehabilitation is a volunteer “job.” It is a serious role one can take in his or her community which provides the care of injured, orphaned or sick animals and birds with the intention of releasing them back into their natural environment. In order to rehabilitate, one must first pass their State test and obtain volunteer hours. In Connecticut, the test is provided through the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  Contact Laurie Fortin at Wildlife Division – DEEP at (860) 424-3963 for more details on how to become trained and licensed.

A PLACE CALLED HOPE, Inc. is licensed by the State of CT and has  Federal Permits which allow us to care for Wild Birds in our State. We specialize in the care of Birds of Prey. That means Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Falcons, Harriers, Kites, and Osprey. We also attend to Corvids better known as Crows, Bluejays and Ravens along with both the Black Vulture and the Turkey Vulture which with recent DNA studies, are now more closely linked to the Stork family. Please keep in mind, we do not cater to other bird species since we are not set up to do so and can not risk spreading HPAI at our facility. If you have a distressed bird outside of our specialty, please visit the CT DEEP website under Dealing with Distressed Wildlife to find a rehabilitator specific to the species.

APCH’s goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release each bird back into the wild whenever possible. Unfortunately, that is not always the outcome. Some injuries make it impossible for a bird to survive on its own back in the wild. If suitable to the birds disposition, we have special permission from US Fish and Wildlife to house and train each bird to become a part of our Educational Programs. They take on a new role as ambassadors of their particular species sharing their own personal stories of survival.

Another one of our goals at A Place Called Hope, Inc. is to teach the public how to protect and respect wildlife, in particular Raptors. We are encouraged by peoples reactions to our programs and their own personal stories about the Birds of Prey they have encountered. We are thrilled to share these birds with so many people who truly care and want to learn more. Although, our biggest thrills, are experienced whenever we have the opportunity to release a wild bird back into its own environment after a brief stay at our facility! There is no comparison to giving a wild bird or animal the gift of “Freedom.”

At A Place Called Hope, Inc. we believe in Re-nesting baby raptors who have fallen from their nests. Like all birds, babies that have fallen should be put back into their original nests as soon as possible provided that they are not injured. In that case, call a rehabilitator! Give the baby no food or water, just a quiet, safe place. Birds are best raised by Birds! It is a myth that if you touch a baby bird, the parents will reject it. Carefully get the baby back into its nest or as close to the nest site as possible, and keep an eye on the situation. Most likely, mom and dad will resume caring for their young.

A PLACE CALLED HOPE, Inc. was founded in 2007. We are a non profit 501(c)3 organization which means we are not funded by the state or the government. We rely entirely on donations of time and money. Donations help to provide food, shelter and medical care to the birds at our facility and are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.