Tours – By Appointment Only

With a strong Bio-Security in place, APCH will re-open for limited tours on Monday. All visitors will be required to step in foot bath and may be asked to wear masks depending on risks.  If you house poultry, masks are mandatory.


  • $100 Donation per tour group of up to 6 maximum
  • 6 people MAXIMUM per group

In order to safely gather in front of each aviary space to learn about our birds, we can not exceed these numbers. It is not fair to the birds who are healing or who reside here to have larger groups nor is it safe due to the current health risks. Thank you for understanding.

Please know that we invite the public to visit us onsite with the understanding that this is a sacred space and the Birds home or place of healing. We offer tours by APPOINTMENT only.  Join a tour guide to learn about the many birds of APCH who have survived negative conflicts with us humans who have now become ambassadors of their own kind to help teach us simple ways to better co-exist with the wildlife we may encounter in our own backyards.

We are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on a regular schedule due to our hectic lifestyles. Tours typically last 45 minutes to an hour. Since all is outdoors, dress according to weather, and please wear shoes that can step into a foot bath for our biosecurity procedure. Weather must cooperate so if it is raining, snowing, sleeting or otherwise icky outside, we must reschedule.

No True Restroom! Camp Toilet available upon urgency.

Wish List Items are always welcome when you come for a visit. Please see our Wish List under the How You Can Help tab.

Donation for tours is $100.00 per group of up to six individuals.

Please know that all money raised goes directly towards the care of the many birds at our Center and it all adds up to the Preservation of our Wildlife.

Tours require us to pull away from routine care and schedules. If you make an appointment for a tour and can not keep it, please let us know. We are all volunteers, so our time is valuable just like yours.

We look forward to sharing with you and appreciate your interest and support.


Please understand that we are not a “ZOO” and the birds at APCH are either healing or have become permanent residents due to the nature of their life altering injuries. We do not offer any sort of handling to the public. Our birds have already endured the negative impact of humans and will now live out the remainder of their lives with a new purpose and our utmost respect. Therefore, only trained handlers “hold” 0ur birds during educational encounters. So please do not ask or offer money to “hold” a bird. It is not what we are about or what we are promoting. We are here to help people understand the damages we are causing to our precious ecosystem and the conflicts many animals face living so closely to humankind. This is not a place to visit if your heart is not strong enough to learn of the sad stories that have brought each bird down. This is not a petting zoo or animal encounter destination, but a sacred home to various native birds who were once wild and free and are now captive due to the negative effects of humans.

If you are interested in helping to preserve our wildlife for the future by learning more, please sign up for a tour via our Application. Your tour will be scheduled via email and confirmed after payment is received. Donations are non-refundable, but tours can be rescheduled at no extra charge with a 24 hour notice due to weather conflicts.

Tours are a great way to learn about our native wildlife. This learning opportunity will offer simple tips on how we can all better coexist to lessen some of the most common conflicts experienced by our wildlife.