Tours – By Appointment Only


Please know that we invite the public to visit us onsite. This is a sacred space and the Birds home or place of healing. We offer tours by APPOINTMENT only. We are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on a regular schedule due to our hectic schedules. Tours are a great way to learn more about APCH and the many birds native to our State. Tours typically last 45 minutes to an hour. Since all is outdoors, dress according to weather. Weather must cooperate so if it is raining, snowing, sleeting or otherwise icky outside, we must reschedule.

Currently there are no PUBLIC RESTROOM FACILITIES. We are fundraising now to generate enough money to install a composting restroom facility on site. This outhouse will make onsite programming, events, tours and volunteer days much more comfortable.

Wish List Items are always welcome when you come for a visit. Please see our Wish List under the How You Can Help tab.

For Tours consisting of 6 people and under our suggested fee is $25.

For Tours consisting of 6 or more people, our suggested fee is $5 per person.

Please know that all money raised goes directly into the care of the many birds at our Center.

Tours require us to pull away from routine care and schedules. If you make an appointment for a tour and can not keep it, please let us know. If your group is over 6 people, it requires two tour guides. We are all volunteers, so our time is valuable just like yours.

To schedule a tour, please email

We look forward to sharing with you!