Tours – By Appointment Only

Tours are temporarily unavailable.  Please keep checking back for updates.

Thanks again for supporting APCH by planning and inquiring about a tour.

Currently, there is a very contagious, easily transmissible, Avian Flu virus that is spreading like wildfire amongst birds so we are closed until this strain has subsided. We can not risk our resident and recovering birds by allowing visitors at this time. The virus can be brought in by birds but also by us humans on our clothing and vehicles.

We are disappointed, as this is part of what we do and the limitations are quite frustrating. DEEP and the State Veterinarian think it should settle(based on previous trends)by mid to late June. Feel free to check back then. We’d be happy to set something up as soon as it is safe to do so.
We are sorry for this delay. This is just another unusual circumstance that we could not have predicted. Thank you for understanding and for your patience.