Bald Eagle Goes Home!

Bald Eagle Goes Home!

February 11th, 2020
She is HOME! Today the Eagle who was struck by the truck on I95 three weeks ago tomorrow, returned to her territorial range. As the eagle flies, she is close to her nest spot, but the location we released her is private and away from city traffic. She can return to her nest site when she feels acclimated and ready. There is another female in her place, so may she return after she has shaken off the human and reawakened her wild spirit! Good luck to this incredible bird! Thank you to all who were involved with her rescue, her rehab, and her safe return. She landed in a tree overlooking a large body of water and remained on that perch until we finally departed. Enjoy!

January 28th, 2020
We attempted to release the female Bald Eagle that was struck by a truck on I95 one week ago today. This miraculous bird was unbroken and has steadily regained her strength and determination so we followed her lead and took her back to her presumed territory. It is nesting season for eagles in our State and her supposed mate has been spotted hanging out near the nest with a new female, so the urgency became real. As she left the carrier, her feet touched ground two times as she lifted herself up and over the field and above tree line only to ultimately come down in a small tree near a river. The two other eagles quickly joined the excitement and as she called out from her unsteady perch, the male landed above her while the new female kept on going. The couple chatted, as eagles do, and then this reunion turned bittersweet. He flew off the flimsy tree and she attempted to follow only to clumsily land on the river bank below. Officer Alex Blackwell and APCH’s Todd Secki were there to witness this miscalculation and took the opportunity to re-capture her. We don’t feel she is up to defending her nest and her mate at this time. We have decided she needs more rest and can only hope that her mate will respond positively to her return in the near future. Until then, we will continue to protect this eagle as she heals from all she has previously endured. We are disappointed with this outcome, but feel it is in her best interest to provide her with more time. Stay tuned… this love triangle is sure to invoke more dramas!

January 27th, 2020
Eagle patient making progress! She is super sore and this flight up to a perch is proof she’s heading in the right direction. Her appetite is also good. We appreciate all the calls, texts, emails for updates but please do not stop by to view her. Like any of our patients, she is in recovery and she is off limits. For her own well being. Your donations are greatly appreciated and all money raised goes into the care of the many birds we cater to. We appreciate your support and your consideration to the privacy of our center. We are looking forward to her return when she is ready. 

January 24th, 2020
Driver Scott Burke of the SRS National LLC Trucking Company out of Southington, CT had a dash camera on the passenger side of the Truck. Jerry Beaudoin, owner of company sent this wonderful version of the incident that occured on January 22, 2020 on Route 95. Both bird and driver are ok. Drivers side windshield is shattered.

Eagle is recovering at APCH from the impact and showed evidence of internal bleeding… which keeps her condition guarded. Good news is nothing is broken and we are amazed at this! She is one lucky bird and Scott one lucky driver. Goal will be a release once we are confident her bleeding has subsided.