Carry Me Home

This riveting film is about a young Eagle who became entangled in fishing line. The eagle was inevitably trapped in a dead tree, sixty feet off the ground, hanging over the Connecticut River. The film takes you on a four week journey leading up to the dangerous rescue. The entire film was recorded with three separate cameras as it took place, including the audio from a Go-Pro. No overdubs or re-enactments.

A Place Called Hope’s goal in releasing this film is simple, when you see fishing line PICK IT UP and discard of it properly. Most line is not left behind intentionally but will remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Picking up one piece of line can potentially save lives. For more information please visit us on Facebook or on the web at

Carry me Home was filmed and produced by Keven Zak of the Naugatuck River Revival Group and Over the Edge Productions. A Place Called Hope is a 501(c3) not for profit, Raptor Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Center. You can help by visiting our website and making a tax deductible donation. Inquiries can be sent to Thank you for your support.