Enapai – Bald Eagle

After a very long and difficult permit process, APCH is proud to announce that the Eagle has Finally Landed in December 2015… This was the BEST Christmas any of us could’ve dreamed of!

Thanks to Raptor Rehabilitation Center of Quincy, Il, we welcomed our first resident American Bald Eagle in December, 2015. This eagle had crashed into the Mississippi River in Wever, Iowa and spent days in the waters before he was pulled to his rescue. He suffered from a wing tip injury which leaves him unable to grow flight feathers on his right wing making him non-releasable. He was cared for for 1 1/2 years at the Quincy Center.

Enapai is his Sioux name which means “appears bravely”. Ee-naup-ay


Enapai, Bald Eagle, APCH
Enapai, Bald Eagle

We were blessed to have found and dealt with Karen Roush who was very patient with us as we navigated the USFWS and State of CT process of obtaining all the necessary paperwork etc. in order to qualify. A special thanks to Grace Krick, our Vice President who has dedicated many years into obtaining the hours required to house a permanent resident Eagle. We all worked very hard to make this happen, including moving our entire Center and residence and rebuilding everything all over again in order to plan for the space we saw fit for Eagles. A new chapter began… we look forward to the future and we have been busy training Enapai for Educational Programming where we can share him with our supporters, until then, we welcome tours by appointment. Please watch for our upcoming Eagle Fundraiser in the very near future.